Thick thief’s car complaint

In Crazy YarpNews on January 9, 2011 at 2:03 pm

A car thief in Bangkok, Thailand was arrested last Thursday after phoning the dealer he had stolen his car from to complain that it had broken down.

“He hung around the showroom waiting until a genuine customer came in to put a deposit on a car. He then persuaded another member of staff that he was the customer who had just paid the deposit and got him to hand over the keys to the brand new Mitsubishi Lancer,” explained car dealer Andy Break.

Mr Break immediately reported the theft to police.

“I knew he wouldn’t get far because there was only a small amount of gas in the tank.”

Unfortunately a police search for the car came up empty handed, but at 7am the next morning Mr Break received a surprising phone call from the thief claiming that he had broken down. He asked if he could swap the stolen car for a new one.

Mr Break agreed to meet the man in the centre of town. At the meeting point, police met Willy Scarper, 32, waiting with the stolen car and arrested him.

Mr Scarper admitted to stealing the car. He said he really liked the Lancer and had been to Mr Break’s lot a number of times to look at it. He said that when it broke down after he had stolen it he was worried that someone else might steal it, so he rang the car yard hoping he could exchange it for one that worked.

The dumb crook received four years prison time. In a statement to the court he claimed that he would work hard to be a model prisoner, so that he could be released early for good behaviour.

“Once I am out, I hope to be reunited with Mr Break, as I am looking forward to stealing the new BMW 2015 from him in four years time.”


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