Nut job’s search for lucky nuts

In Crazy YarpNews on January 16, 2011 at 2:56 pm

One Singaporean resident has taken his quest for lucky nuts to a whole new level. Businessman Ho Kee Dokey, 52, started his search for lucky nuts after he heard of the tale of Mr Lee Yern Wai, 55, who is said to have struck it rich after being given a peanut shell that contained five lucky peanuts.

According to local gossip, several years ago Mr Lee Yern Wai was broke, his company had failed and he was bankrupt.  However, Mr Lee wanted to change his luck and so he joined a package tour to Thailand’s holiest sites.  The tour took him to Wat Sawang Arom where Mr Lee met a monk. After hearing his tale of woe the monk gave Mr Lee the rare five-in-one peanut telling him that if he kept it and worshipped it, his luck would change.

Nuts in hand, Mr Lee went back to Singapore and soon his luck turned and he became increasingly successful in various ventures. Mr Lee was so pleased with his new found fortune that he proudly showed his friends his nut, which he kept on a pedestal and worshiped.

News about the remarkable five-in-one peanut spread throughout Singapore and soon everyone including Mr Ho Kee Dokey wanted a piece of the action. Unfortunately five-in-one peanuts are very rare. Mr Ho drove everyone in Singapore nuts looking for them, but he could only find the worthless four-in-one shell type. Determined to improve his luck Mr Ho then paid to travel to Thailand and visit the same temple that the lucky Mr Lee had visited. Whilst there he offered the monks 2,000 Baht (around $65) for any lucky five-in-one nut, but either the monks did not have a lucky nut or they didn’t want to share their nuts with Mr Lee because no one took him up on his offer.

In desperation, the nut job began to scour all the markets and stalls near the temple to see if he could find some lucky nuts there – but his search was in vain and he had to return to Singapore empty handed.

Unfortunately for Mr Ho, his search for lucky nuts cost him a great deal in both time and money. His wife left him because of his crazy obsession and all his friends now think he is nuts. But Mr Ho maintains that all this will change once he gets his hands on some lucky nuts.



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