World’s longest boxing match could end in a stalemate

In Crazy YarpNews on March 5, 2011 at 12:23 pm

Warren Peace and Rocky Foreshore fight it out!

The boxing match to end all matches began on Boxing Day 2010 between Warren Peace and the defending Welter Weight Champion Rocky Foreshore. The fight, which was billed as the greatest of the century, went on round after round with neither opponent gaining the upper hand.

After 12 rounds the referees had declared a draw, but Champion Rocky Foreshore and his opponent Warren Peace were not satisfied with that, and so they decided to carry on until they had an outright winner. However, the Boxing Federation would not let the two continue boxing, stating, “It is too dangerous, someone may get hurt.” So, instead of boxing their way to the championship the two pugilists decided to fight it out another way.

With neither men knowing the moves or the rules, chess was chosen as the decider.  Nearly 70 days later the ‘match’ is still being played.

“I don’t know how it got this far,” complained Rocky Foreshore’s Manager, Bob Enweave. “We were all hoping to have a winner by now.”

Evidently boxers are faster in the ring than they are around the board as the game has been long and slow.

“Rocky is strong, he currently has a two pawn advantage and so I’ve got my fingers crossed for him, but his opponent is tough. It’s hard to predict a winner at this stage, but if we don’t get one soon we will have to try something else. Has anyone got any cards as we might have to resort to a game of snap?”


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