10 things you do NOT want to do before you die

In Crazy YarpNews on March 14, 2011 at 2:13 pm

KBU - Keep the Bucket Upright!

Many people have a ‘Bucket List’ – a list of things they would like to do before they shuffle off this mortal coil, snuff it or kick the bucket. Designed to create magical moments in your life, having a bucket list ensures that you get the most out of you short time here on earth.

Yarpnews however, has uncovered a shocking truth that just over 99.99% of the world’s population has never considered compiling an alternative bucket list of things you would NOT like to do before you die.

Sometimes referred to as a “Keep the Bucket Upright List” or KBU the alternative bucket list details experiences that you never want to try or those that you have already had the misfortune of experiencing but never, NEVER want to go through again.

  •     Going over Niagara Falls without a barrel
  •     Getting busted for drug smuggling in Peru
  •     Practicing your bomb making skills in a terrorist training school in Pakistan
  •     Dancing the salsa in a minefield in Cambodia
  •     Eating your baby’s placenta in a baguette in Bolivia
  •     Playing with fire in a Polish oil refinery
  •     Going bungee jumping into the open mouth of a volcano in Papua New Guinea
  •     Taking up hang gliding in the Bermuda Triangle
  •     Gargling with broken glass in Vienna
  •     Removing all your teeth with pliers in the Punjab

Having a KBU reminds you that life is sweet, that you don’t have to do anything fancy to have a great time and although life is short, there are definitely some things in life you do not want to experience. Avoid the items on your KBU and you may live to not regret not doing them.

  1. This is a very uplifting and interesting view on the typical bucket list! 😀


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