Invasion of the Giant Alpaca Worm

In Crazy YarpNews on March 15, 2011 at 1:34 pm

The rare, but quite frightening Giant Alpaca Worm

Terrified residents of a village in the Oruro Region of Bolivia were forced to run for safety yesterday after they had a close encounter with a Giant Alpaca Worm.

A distant cousin of the Alpaca, the Giant Alpaca Worm can grow up to six feet, but it has no legs. It is thought that after centuries of climbing up and down mountains the Alpaca wore away its legs, evolving into the Giant Alpaca Worms. So instead of going up and down mountains they just  bore straight through. Now the Bolivian countryside is filled with giant worm holes.

The rare, but quite frightening Giant Alpaca Worm has a ferocious appetite. It scoops great mouthfuls of grass and dirt up and swallows the whole lot in one gulp.

It seems that although shy, the Giant Alpaca Worms are getting more and more curious and this has brought them down from their hillside home and into the path of local residents.

“It was really scary when they first appeared,” said local farmer Acrapi Jobbio (39). “It was horrible, people went crazy, there was squirming and bleating and spitting everywhere and the Giant Alpaca Worms were pretty frightening too.

“They are relatively harmless. It’s their size that is intimidating. It’s not like you can’t out run them, they’ve got no legs, you know what I am saying?”

Fortunately, some of the local residents are delighted to see the Giant Alpaca Worms.

“Many people like them,” explained Mr Jobbio. “Some people are using them as bed warmers or foot stools. We use ours to keep the draft out from under the front door… they are really versatile and they don’t even seem to mind the smell.”


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