Police on the hunt for midget gem thief

In Crazy YarpNews, World on March 18, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Tiny gun discovered near an empty bag of midget gems

Police have today launched a massive man hunt after a London jewelry store woke up to discover that all of the rings in their window display were missing their gems.

Naff Jewelers in Mayfair called in police when they made the shocking discovery that not only had the jewels been swiped but someone had also eaten the stores supply of their favorite candy, Midget Gems.

“While I was opening the store I happened to glance at our window display and noticed that none of the rings had gems,“ explained the store’s Manager, Mrs Precious Stone (39) “ All the diamonds, rubies and emeralds are missing.”

“It seems that the thief or thieves managed to get into the store without triggering the alarms and then calmly sat down and prized all of the gemstones from their settings,” added Mrs Stone. “And they did it while eating all our sweets, the evil, heartless bastards! “

Initially the police had thought that it was an inside job but after a huge in-store search a small gun was discovered, leaving the police to speculate about who the culprit could be.

Police are asking the public to notify them if any jewels or midget gems should suddenly appear on the open market. They are also asking the public to be on the lookout for a gang of midget gem thieves, a group of ruthless toddlers or possibly one big bloke with very tiny hands.


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