Rusty Dickweed to be the new face of Ginster’s pasties

In Crazy YarpNews on March 23, 2011 at 1:14 pm

Rusty Dickweed - The stunning new face of Ginster's pasties

The pasty and meat pie makers Ginsters of Cornwall has today announced that male model Rusty Dickweed (53) will front their new £13m marketing campaign.

The Australian stunner will take on the role of ambassador for the tasty pastry-wrapped meat, onion and potato snack, in a series of new TV and radio advertisements that will communicate the irresistible tastiness of Ginster’s Cornish pasties.

A delicious and remarkably tasty Ginster's pasty

Rusty is no stranger to high profile modeling campaigns. His near perfect, flawless face, figure and personality is unmistakable to anyone meeting the young charismatic Frenchman in person.

No one looks like this young Russian, American, English model.  His steady presence in the top magazines and ads reflects the world’s fascination with his unique beauty.

This post-Raphaelite beauty exudes an innocence and romantic splendor unlike any other model out there. Season after season, this former Sneeze Guard Scraper regularly puts his talent on show. What an incredible life force this young German exudes.

With this Ginsters campaign, Rusty Dickweed breaks onto the word’s radar with the kind of male beauty that is timeless.



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