Giraffe in nut allergy scare

In Crazy YarpNews, Science/tech on March 24, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Cagem Up Zoo's new bouncy castle

Did you know that giraffes are allergic to peanuts? No? Well unfortunately neither did the zoo keepers at Cagem Up Zoo in Arkansas. So no one stopped a group of school children giving the zoo’s giraffe, Patch a good helping of the salty, nutty treats. What happened next was truly nuts.

Poor Patch has swelled to nearly three times his normal size.

“We aint never had no trouble before,” said Head Zoo Keeper, Ida Hatebeast (39). “But then we ain’t never had a giraffe before.”

“Still, it ain’t all bad, cos now we have a bouncy castle.”

  1. hahaha so funny!!!


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