Let-tuce pray for Chantelle Houghton

In Crazy YarpNews on March 25, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Chantelle gets 'dressed' like a salad

Wonder girl and Yarpnews favourite, Chantelle Houghton is at it again – god love her!

Chantelle first shot to fame in January 2006 when she became the first non-celebrity to enter Celebrity Big Brother. It says a lot for Chantelle that she managed to beat the likes of Denis Rodman, Traci Bingham, Pete Burns and Rula Lenska (who?) to be voted the series winner.

Over the years, fans have seen Chantelle blossom from a complete unknown to a relatively unknown member of the UK’s Essex community.

Last December saw Chantelle reach dizzying new heights when she was chosen to be the fairy on the top of the Christmas tree outside the Lakeside Shopping Centre. After which, she had a successful, but short lived run as a human traffic cone. Unfortunately, the role had to be prematurely terminated when she was mistakenly picked up by a group of drunken students who took it in turns to wear her on their heads.

Rory, the giant salad-loving rabbit

However, forever the professional, Miss Houghton has put the past behind her and come back for more. This time she has dressed as a salad for the animal rights campaigners PETA. Miss Houghton hopes that her efforts will encourage more people to become vegetarians.

Unfortunately, no one thought to mention to Chantelle about the giant rabbit that was also put on show to the public just next door to where Chantelle was making her own appearance.

Poor Chantelle.

Let-tuce all pray for her quick recovery!



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