We have been celebrating for days!

In Crazy YarpNews on April 2, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Saying 'thank you' Gwyneth style

And the winner is…. Yarpnews!

Yarpnews has been honoured with the prestigious Versatile Bloggers Award!

We were so excited to receive this award that we have been celebrating for days… but now it is time for us to stop partying and start saying thank you to everyone involved, and so in the Oscar winning words of squinny Gwynny Paltrow…

We would like to thank randomthoughtsfrommidlife.wordpress.com from the bottom of our hearts! We would like to thank our diet of cheese sandwiches and pickled onions, and our friend Dr Dolittle and the greatest one who ever was, Elvis. We don’t feel very deserving of this, but we would like to thank Jack Daniels and everybody at WonderBra for their undying support.

We wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for two incredibly talented men; our butcher Jimmy the Kosovan, thank you so much for all that you gave us, you are so inspiring, and to our soulful partner, Aretha Franklin who sure can sing.

We would like to thank the rest of our miraculous crew. The people who make the comments, they are both beautiful and wonderful people and in their case that is not an oxymoron! We would like to thank WordPress…We didn’t forget you this time!

We would not have been able to write this blog had we not understood love with a tremendous magnitude, and for that we thank our families; our mothers who we love more than anything, and our fathers, brothers and sisters who are just the dearest people in the whole world.

Our earthly guardian angel Probation Officer Dave Rave who has surmounted many surmountable obstacles this year. We love you more than anything in the world. And to our grandpas who would have been here, but couldn’t quite get here because sadly they passed away many, many years ago, Grandpas, we want you to know that you created beautiful families who love you and love each other more than anything and we thank you for that. We would like to dedicate this to two young men who lost their way very early in life, us. We miss you very much and we thank you. Thank you so much everybody!


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