The world’s most disgusting sandwich was ordered today

In Crazy YarpNews on April 25, 2011 at 5:43 pm

Be careful what you put in your sandwich!

What is the most disgusting sandwich filling you can think of?

Nothing can be as bad as the sandwich that was ordered earlier today at a Detroit branch of Subway.

An unnamed man calmly walked into the sandwich bar and asked for a liverwurst sausage sandwich on rye covered in bogies and mucus balls, sprinkled with dandruff, with a cup of cold sick on the side.

When the staff refused to prepare his request the customer became very angry and abusive. The staff had no other recourse than to call the sandwich police.

The police, armed with salt and pepper sprays stormed the building intent on arresting the man but in a shocking twist, it was revealed that the customer had ordered a sandwich from the same branch on the previous day.

“I came in yesterday,” he explained to the cops. “And when I ordered a liverwurst sausage sandwich I got the sandwich covered in bogies and mucus, sprinkled with dandruff and it was all served with a cup of cold sick. If they made it that way yesterday why can’t they do it today?”

Fortunately for the unnamed customer, the whole thing was just a huge misunderstanding.

“We had a laugh about it afterwards,” said a member of the Subway staff. “We couldn’t serve the sandwich he ordered because we had just run out of bogies and mucus balls. When we explained that to the customer he was happy to try our new specialty sub, something we call “Dead dog’s testicles.”


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