Keanu Fu Panda

In Crazy YarpNews on April 27, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Keanu and Po the Kung Fu Panda sit about looking sad

When you’re making a movie about a Samurai, it is important to be authentic. At least that was what Keanu Reeves thought during the filming of his new movie 47 Ronin (due to be released next year).

 So, Keanu searched the four corners of the earth for the ‘chosen one’, the newest and nicest of all Kung Fu masters to help him in his quest. Po the Kung Fu Panda didn’t have much on at the time and so he agreed to pop over and help out Keanu.

When the two stars met up there was magic. Keanu bent over backwards (Matrix style) to impress his new friend and Po used his noodles to come up with some impressive martial arts moves. However, the good humor didn’t last long before someone pointed out to the lads that Keanu is playing a Japanese Samurai in his new film and Kung Fu is actually a Chinese martial art.

Dejected, the two stars spent most of the morning sitting around looking sad.

Then Carl Rinsch, 47 Ronin’s director had a great idea. He asked Po to play the part of a secret assassin who tries to shoot the cast of Samurais.

“We created a special scene for Po,” explained Rinsch. “It starts off with him eating a bowl of noodles, when suddenly he is disturbed by Keanu and the other Samurais who are out to avenge their master’s death. Po shoots at them before he is forced, by the sheer number and skill of the samurais, to leave.

“It is an excellent scene and really does Po credit. He does exactly what a panda should, he eats, shoots and leaves!”

Kung Fu Panda 2 is due to be relased later this year with 47 Ronin set to reach our screens in 2012.


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