HBA or ‘Hairy Back Art’ is even trendier than having a tattoo

In Crazy YarpNews on April 28, 2011 at 9:38 pm

A stylish number 8 design

On the fashionable beaches of Europe the surprisingly warm weather has seen the emergence of a new trend in body art. Less permanent than a tattoo, but proving to be just as popular, HBA or ‘Hairy Back Art’ has become the latest ‘must have’ look.

This big guy isn't afraid to show his heart

First spotted on the beaches and boardwalks of St Tropez, France – a town noted for inventing the G-string bikini, HBA has spread throughout Europe and it is set to take America by storm very soon.

“The back is a great canvas,” explained HBA Artist, Shaveen Derrière (24), “And we artists can create beautiful masterpieces. My work is very spiritual; I like to think that they are crop circles for the soul.

“HBA has become the trendiest look for today’s modern man,” gushed Mr Derrière. “And it is much cheaper than shaving.”


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