New species of frog is a peeling

In Crazy YarpNews on April 29, 2011 at 8:37 pm

This frog is so a peeling!

Biologists exploring the outer reaches of Madagascar were very excited when they discovered what they thought was a new species of frog. But the excitement soon turned to amazement when their new discovery turned out to be an orange.

“We really thought we had found a frog,” admitted Chief Biologist, Dr Russell Ingleeves (51). “But we soon realized our error when one of the locals began to peel it.

“Turns out it was a frog-shaped Clementine, a kind of seedless orange.”

At first the doctor and his team believed that their find was still valid as being a remarkable discovery.

“We all congratulated each other… I mean none of us had ever seen a frog-shaped orange before, so we thought what we found was amazing.

“But then the locals put us right, it seems these frog-shaped Clementines are not very rare at all, in fact they are everywhere. Around here they really do grow on trees.”

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