Five things you never knew you needed

In Crazy YarpNews on May 3, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Buying a gift for someone special can be a very stressful event, often fraught with danger. Many people suffer endless hours of window shopping without gaining anything other than several blisters and a parking ticket. Others spend countless hours aimlessly wondering around the shops mumbling questions such as:

Will they like it? Do they already have one? Will they know I bought it on sale? Did I give them the same thing last year? Where did I put the car?

Fortunately, a few smart inventors have put their thinking caps on and they have come up with some very ingenious designs so the present buying public no longer has to suffer that terrible fate.  With the aid of these wondrous creations we can at last answer the age-old question, “What do you get someone who has everything?”

For the Business man

Find out what day it is with this handy Day Clock

Business by nature is a busy affair. When your mind is jammed full of important facts and financial data it is often easy to forget the little things like what day it is.

The Day Clock cleverly solves this problem. Crafted out of fine faux wood and flexi plastic, the Day Clock is not only a unique gift that any business man will be proud to have on his wall, but it also enables anyone to see at a glance what day it is.



For the Modern Woman

Keep your Jimmy Choos clean with Shoe Umbrellas

Most women love shoes, but what do you get the woman who has a wardrobe full of Jimmy Choos?  The answer comes in a nifty pair of Shoe Umbrellas. Easily attached to any stiletto, Shoe Umbrellas not only look stylish but they will keep her Jimmy Choos squeaky clean, even when it is raining cats and dogs.


For a Baby

Your baby will shine in this unique baby grow

The perfect gift for a baby shower and guaranteed to be a hit with any parent, this unique baby grow is covered with strategically placed ultra absorbent fibers that transform it into the ultimate super mop. Now your baby will clean as he sweeps as he crawls – ingenious!



For a Grandparent

Never miss out on another yodel with this Emergency Yodel Button

Who can forget such classic hits as ‘Yodeling Overtures’ or ‘The Hungarian Dance Yodel’? Yodeling is a dying art that any modern grandparent would be proud to master, but where can you hear a good yodel when you’re not wondering around an Alpine mountain?  Fortunately, the new Emergency Yodel Button solves that dilemma. Now you can hear the high-pitched sound reminiscent of a baby crying at any time. One press of the button will never be enough!


For a Student

Save a fly with this amazing Mini Rubber Ring

Notorious for wanting to always ‘save the earth’ students everywhere will not fail to be impressed by the new Mini Rubber Ring. Ergonomically designed by NASA, the Mini Rubber Ring is very special in that it can save a fly from drowning. Students no longer have to sit about watching flies drown, instead they can participate in their rescue. With a present like this, your student will be the talk of the campus. No flies were hurt during the making of this advert.

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