Britain reveals new super-in junction

In Crazy YarpNews on May 7, 2011 at 7:01 pm

Going the wrong way? Sssh! No one need ever know!

Do you find life confusing? Ever felt like you are going nowhere? Well now you can get precise directions… well, um sort of.

It is all too easy to get lost. One minute you are going in one direction, minding your own business, say happily cheating on your wife and then someone comes along and turns your world upside down by threatening to tell on you.

Well, thanks to Britain’s judicial system, you can take a wrong turn and if you mess up real bad, you can stop everyone from laughing at you by getting a judge to order everyone to keep their mouths shut.

To use this super-in junction, just follow these simple instructions: If you are travelling from Marr-ket Place and you want to make a dodgy detour to a red light district, you need to take McGregor Way or Bonneville Boulevard. Or if you fancy a bit of slap and tickle while avoiding her indoors, then head up one of the back alleys like Giggs Grove or Threfall Avenue.

So, you can safely go around in circles, your life will still go down the pan, but at least no one will get to talk about it.

But where is this very super super-in junction? We’d like to tell you where it is but a British judge said we couldn’t.

  1. Loving the sign…. How typcial.


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