Top British newspaper plagiarises the news – even when it’s fake

In Crazy YarpNews on June 30, 2011 at 11:02 am

Daily Mail please stop stealing our articles

Top British newspaper, the Daily Mail has today been caught in a stunning sting, which proves once and for all that most of what is written in the national newspaper is a load of old bollocks.

You steal our stories, we'll keep your logo

For years Daily Mail readers the world over have found themselves staring at the paper and muttering things like ‘unbelievable’, ‘what is this country coming to’ and ‘you couldn’t make this rubbish up’.

Many assumed it wasn’t the papers fault, blaming the state of society, the economy or the government for the woeful state of the news.  

The truth however is more shocking than you can imagine. It appears that the Daily Mails intrepid reporters are not intrepid and not actually reporters, they are just a bunch of cutting and pasting bastards who blatantly steal stories from any source possible and then reprint them in the form of ‘fact’.

And we have the proof – take for example the amazing scoop brought to the eyes of the Daily Mail readers on 30 June 2011, titled “Bringing hairy back: The body is their canvas as hairy-backed men turn their fur into art”, a story any regular Yarpnews reader will recognise as an article called ‘HBA or Hairy Back Art is even trendier than having a tattoo’ which was originally printed by us on 28 April. A story, we made up – completely and entirely.

In their article the Mail talks about the invented term ‘hairy back art or HBA’ and even quotes the words of Yarpnew’s now infamous and totally fictitious HBA artist ‘Shaveeen Derriere’.

Yep, Dear Readers, the national newspaper the Daily Mail stole the story from us and made it fact.


Check out our article ‘HBA or Hairy Back Art is even trendier than having a tattoo’ and compare it to “Bringing hairy back: The body is their canvas as hairy-backed men turn their fur into art.”

  1. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery…but, that’s horrible! Get yourself a copyright…I’m not sure if it will work, but you’ll sleep better at night.


    • We thought it was great – especially when they quoted HBA artist ‘Shaveen Derriere’, French for bald backside? We were gutted when we heard that they had taken it down. It was fun while it lasted. But it just goes to prove that journalists don’t check their sources and newspapers print a lot of crap 🙂


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