New Zealand to close on weekends

In Crazy YarpNews on July 9, 2011 at 9:54 am

New Zealand to bugger off for the weekend

The Government of New Zealand today announced a bold move in which they plan to close the entire country down every weekend. The move comes after it became apparent that the country’s entire population would rather go away for the weekend.

Don Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand said, “Me and the other  blokes who run this place decided it would be more fun if we shut up shop every weekend and then the whole country can bugger off somewhere else. Maybe somewhere warmer with less sheep.”

The move follows a trail closure period which was carried out last year.

“We were chuffed with how the trial closure went,” added Mr Key. “Last year we actually closed the whole of New Zealand down twenty times, sometimes for several days at a time. The trial was a huge success as no one noticed the country was closed – not even some of its residents.”


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