The wonders of yak shaving

In Crazy YarpNews on July 22, 2011 at 4:39 pm

It is better to shave than to be sorry

Yak shavers the world over will be eagerly decorating their houses with disposable diapers and filling their boots with coleslaw because it’s time to celebrate Yak Shaving Day!

With its magic and splendor who can fail to be enchanted by this wonderful tradition? Even non-yak shavers will be carried along in the excitement of Kilted Yak’s Eve when everyone tries to catch a peek of the Shaven Yak paddling in his enchanted canoe.

Not that there are many non-yak shavers out there. In fact, wherever you look you will find one. Parliament, finance, IT, commerce, leisure, media and the military are all staffed by a bunch of yak shavers.

Don’t think you’re a yak shaver? Well if you have ever found yourself in the middle of a problem that can only be solved by doing something seemingly pointless and random, then you my friend have shaved a yak.

Say, for arguments sake that you want a cheese sandwich. You go to make yourself a big fat one, but when you get to the fridge you discover that you have no cheese. You get out your bicycle so that you can cycle to the store to buy some more cheese, but when you get on your bike you realize you have a puncture. You can’t find your puncture repair kit, so you ask your neighbor if you can borrow his. Your neighbor is busy knitting himself a sweater. He is happy to lend you his puncture repair kit, but only if you can help him get some more wool, so that he can finish his sweater. The next thing you know you are literally shaving a yak – all so that you can have a cheese sandwich.

Any problem that needs a number of seemingly random and pointless tasks to be completed in order to be solved is a big fat hairy yak. Get your answer and you will find a distinctive bald patch.

Life would be dull and boring without yak shavers. Think of all the accidental discoveries that would have been missed if not for that hairy yak.

So yak shavers the world unite and celebrate the true wonders of Yak Shaving Day!



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