Housewife accidently launched into space

In Crazy YarpNews on August 3, 2011 at 11:33 am

Amy Atdamoon plays with her husband's pocket rocket

Reports are just coming in that ex-NASA rocket scientist Mr Luke Atdamoon, 67, from Florida has accidently sent his wife Amy Atdamoon, 65, into orbit.

Mr Atdamoon has reportedly been building a scaled down version of the Apollo 13 rocket in his back garden for the past twenty five years. The brainy boffin had intended to go into orbit himself, but it appears his wife’s beaten him to it.

“It was lucky that I only filled the tank with unleaded gas from my local gas station, if I had used real rocket fuel, the stupid old bag would have been on her way to the moon by now!”

Mr Atdamoon had been driving back from the hardware store when he spotted something unusual in the sky and immediately knew something was wrong.

“If I’ve told her once, I’ve told her a million times not to dust the control panel, but the dozy dame just wouldn’t listen,” laughed Mr Atdamoon.

“On the bright side it was a beautiful launch, the weather clear and sunny , so I could see her all the way to the stratosphere before I lost sight of her… I think that was somewhere above Mexico.”

Mr Atdamoon is now based at ground control, a converted Winnebago, waiting for his wife’s return. He has managed to contact Amy whose only fear is missing Glee on TV.

The hapless scientist is expecting his wife to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere in approximately three weeks time. He is hoping she will crash land somewhere in Canada or Alaska some time around lunchtime.

“It’s a long drive in the Winnebago to Alaska, but these things happen,” grinned the barmy brainiac, “I just can’t wait to see her face, she’ll be over the moon!”


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