Meerkat peeping tom caught red pawed

In Crazy YarpNews on November 9, 2011 at 4:08 pm

"Our Smelly" approves of the view

Female visitors to Cagem Up Zoo in Baltimore were in for a small surprise this week, when the Zoo’s resident Meerkat started giving them advice about their underwear.

“Our Smelly”, as the Meerkat has been nicknamed seems to be crazy about ladies panties, knickers and other intimate apparel. And the funny little mammal has no problem pointing out his preferences.

Despite the fact that ‘Our Smelly’ always has his head up their skirts, the Meerkat is proving a popular attraction. Women from all over the States have been visiting in the hope that Our Smelly will get to grips with their undergarments.

One visitor, 27 year old Amanda Kizzenhug from Toad Suck, Arkansas said, “I love visiting the cute little creature. He’s the world’s greatest. I love his funny little furry face and I love the fact that ‘Our Smelly’ stares at our black panties.”

“We are pleased that Our Smelly has proven to be so popular,” stated a spokesman for the Zoo. “Despite his popularity we still have to remind the public that Our Smelly is a wild animal and so has no manners and can sometimes be very rude. Yes, at times he can appear quite charming, but he likes to look at your underwear. He also likes to urinate on people and there have been times when I’ve seen him steppin in it. Thank goodness he doesn’t believe he can fly, if he did I think we would need to keep him permanently locked up.”


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