Stephen Hawking proves theory of gravity

In Crazy YarpNews on September 17, 2013 at 1:20 pm

Stephen Hawking surrounded by glamorous trannies just before confirming the theory of gravity

Legendary scientist Stephen Hawking yesterday conducted a controversial experiment to prove that gravity is not just a theory.

The incident or ‘experiment’ occurred yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of The Crown in Weston Super Mare. After partying with some very glamorous transvestites, the robot voiced genius had a Super Mare when the back wheel of his electric wheelchair became stuck in what scientists are now calling a ‘rut’. The motorized mega brain was unceremoniously hurled from his comfy seat on to the dirty, gritty floor of the pub car park. Despite receiving several bruises and a nasty gash to the knee, Professor Hawking claims that the experiment was a success.

“I did not fall”, insisted the Scientist, “I was testing the theory of gravity and I am pleased to be able to prove once and for all that gravity does exist.”

Professor Hawking then hiccupped loudly and labeled his assistant a ‘Pillock’.  

“I did not just hiccup,” continued the slurring super geek, “it was a small worm hole that found its waysey-woo into my belly boo… oh I feel tired… I need to test the theory of lying down now.”


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