Granny gangs terrorize neighborhood

In Crazy YarpNews on November 16, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Granny Gansta G-Ma and her crew, K-Nit, Pee-Daddy and Wrinkles

We are all aware of the rise of street gang culture; it is in our playgrounds, on our streets and in our clubs. Many of us not involved with a gang assume that street gangs are for the young with members either dying prematurely or growing up and so growing away from all things ‘gang’ by the time they are middle aged.  However for the old folks of Compton Manor in Philadelphia, Creamcheese, USA, the rise and rise of granny gangs has become a frightening reality.

One such gang is GG13 (the GG stands for Granny Gangsta and the 13 refers to the number of original granny gangstas who were once members of the Women’s Institute). GG13 runs the east side of the west side and the north side of the south side. Gangbangers Pee-Daddy, K-Nit, Wrinkles and G-Ma are regularly in trouble with the law for bad ass behavior and causing trouble in the neighborhood.

21 year old Dwayne Jacobs a strip club bouncer said, “They’re scary man, they all hang about the parks, you know what I am saying? Shouting, spitting and stealing from the local shops. It’s a disgrace man. All they do all day is click their false teeth and smell up the place. They need to be off our streets.”

Granny Gansta G-Ma defends her crew, “We is just chillin and kickin back, you know what I’m saying? Just cause these youngsters can’t hack it don’t mean they can pick on us, you know what I’m saying? They need to reee-lax, this shit is for real, you know what I’m saying? If someone don’t shut his mouth someone ain’t gonna make it to Bingo, you know what I’m saying”

If anyone does know what G-Ma is saying, please could they drop us a line at Yarpnews.


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