New rising trend of country swapping

In Crazy YarpNews, World on January 17, 2014 at 12:08 pm

Map indicating likely future swaps

The growing dissatisfaction about ‘where we live’ has seen the dramatic rise of a new country swapping scheme in which whole countries swap with another, similar sized country.

Nations such as Belgium and Luxembourg are the latest to join the ever growing list wanting to swap with other like minded countries who share their unhappiness and passion for change.

“Even if it’s for six months, just to spice things up a bit,” said Igor Thataway from Belgium. “I’ve always fancied Ireland as I like Guiness!” Igor waffled on. “I’ve heard the Irish love chocolate and lace, so we have a lot in common.”

Portugal and Greenland have apparently already been involved in talks and are considering a possible 18 month trial period. A bloke in a pub overheard Portugal saying they were very interested in whale spotting, so it would appear that talks with Greenland will end favourably.

The President of Greenland commented on the logistical nightmare of moving a whole nation, especially during the cross-over period where there is a strong likelihood that people will bump into each other.

However, previous swaps have worked somewhat successfully. In 2007 Britain and Albania’s swap worked excellently with the whole of Albania making it successfully to Britain. Admittedly, most of the British chose to remain at home or buggered off to Spain, but it is expected these sort of teething problems will be ironed out during future swaps. 


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