Digital dating for the dead

In Crazy YarpNews on March 18, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Joss Stick and her crystal ball

‘Happy Ever Afterlife’ is a clever new dating service run by Psychic Joss Stick, which helps you to find your deceased friends and family the prefect afterlife partner.

Some say she is a medium, others a large, but whatever size she is, Mystic Miss Stick can, using digital matching and a quick séance, put you in touch with potential dead lovers  – something Miss Stick calls a dead date (a blind date for the dead).

“Unfortunately, many people pass away without ever finding love,” explained Miss Stick. “Happy Ever Afterlife offers the relatives of those lonely souls the chance to help them meet up and date another lonely soul in the afterlife. It’s a perfect way to show your dead loved ones how much you still care – it really does lift their spirits.”

Fortunately, Happy Ever Afterlife customers won’t need crystal balls to keep up to date with the dead date as the site will send you blow by blow updates via twitter.

Of course, if you yourself are planning to die in the near future Miss Stick’s amazing service can also tell you whether your own soul mate is already dead and ready and waiting for you, or whether it’s worth hanging on a bit because he/she still walks among us.

So, whether you are living or dead with Happy Ever Afterlife there is always a ghost of a chance that you will, one day, find your perfect love match.


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