Hot man melts

In Crazy YarpNews on July 24, 2016 at 12:56 pm


Man makes his own people puddle

It’s hot, hot, hot outside, hot enough to fry an egg… or melt a person.

And that’s just what happened this morning when California native Hugo Sticky (28) popped out for a breakfast burrito.

“I just finished eating a hot burrito, when I had a feeling something was wrong,” explained Mr Sticky “I felt really strange, kind of down and deflated. I said to a lady who was passing by ‘Man my ass is really hot,’ and she agreed.

“At first I thought I was just shrinking as I seemed to be getting shorter. But I was sweating like crazy and I said to the burrito guy, ‘Man it’s so hot out here even the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs. I mean I feel like I am melting’ and he laughed and said ‘You are’ and when I looked down I saw that he was right and there was nothing left of me but this people puddle.”

“It was really freaky,” added the burrito guy. “He was like, ‘I am so hot man, I’m melting.’ And I was like ‘yeah man, you are!“

Doctors are today warning of the dangers of melting on hot, hot, hot days.

“There were two main reasons why Mr Sticky melted,” explained eminent scientist and DJ, Dr Indahouse. “The first of course, is the outside temperature. I mean it’s hotter than the devil’s dick out there. I recommend to all my patients that they stay indoors and try not to melt. The other thing I recommend is that they never, ever eat a burrito full of extra hot chili peppers. And if they do, never to eat a burrito full of Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers because they are extremely hot. I would hate to think what would happen to someone who say ate a breakfast burrito full of Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers on a very hot day like today… they would probably melt.”

  1. I’d be dashing off to buy a slice to scoop him up.


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