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Have you seen the invisible man?

In Crazy YarpNews, Entertainment, Science/tech on January 5, 2014 at 2:36 pm

Photo of the Invisble Man and friend taken early last year

It would appear that the real Invisible Man has disappeared.

The popular actor and performer, best known for his roles as “See-thru Steve” in the comedy Dude Where’s my Body and “Where’s He Gone Wayne” in the film The Vanishing, was last heard of before Christmas. Worried neighbors called the cops after realizing that they had last seen the celebrity (or at least signs that his mail was being collected) just before Christmas Eve.

The police have conducted a thorough search of the Invisible Man’s property, but there has been no sign of him. A spokesman for the police said “It is very difficult to look for someone you cannot see. He could be lying injured somewhere and we wouldn’t know unless we literally tripped over him.”

“There has been no sign of the Man for a few weeks now and quite frankly we are getting worried. We would urge the public to keep an eye out for this guy. If you see, feel or smell anything suspicious please report it.”

Friends and neighbors of the Invisible Man are currently trying to organize a search party.

“We welcome any help with the hunt,” said nosey neighbor Lizzy Busybodi. “We are arming ourselves with bags of flour and powdered paint so that we can chuck it anywhere he might be.”

Where the invisible man is and what he has been up to remains a mystery, hopefully all will be transparent upon his return.


The last two surviving speakers of a nearly extinct language are refusing to talk to each other

In Crazy YarpNews on April 24, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Ayapaneco is a very rare language. It is so rare that it is currently only spoken by two people: Manuel Segovia, 75, and Isidro Velazquez, 69. Unfortunately the two men appear to have had a falling out and are no longer speaking to each other.

No one knows what the pair’s disagreement was about. Words were said, but no one else understood them.

“When I was a boy everybody spoke it,” said Mr Segovia from his home in the southern Mexican village of Ayapa. “It has disappeared little by little and now I suppose it might die with me.”

At least that is what is believed he said. Mr Velazquez refused to comment.

Anyone interested in learning Ayapaneco before it completely disappears, will be pleased to know that Mr Segovia plans to hold classes every Wednesday at 6.30pm at Ayapa Community School. Mr Segovia has already brought the pencils and notebooks. Mr Velazquez will not be attending.

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