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Archaeologist unearths fossilized archeologist

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Unearthed - an ancient archaeologist

Unearthed – an ancient archaeologist

Archaeologists have this week unearthed a very rare and unusually find. They believe that they have actually found the fossilized remains of the oldest archaeologist ever to be found.  There is still much recording and testing to be done before the find can be verified but archaeologists the world over are very excited by the news.

Tony Robinson, famous friend of the archeologists said, “It’s an amazing discovery. It happened quite by accident just after we finished an episode of Time Team. We had all had quite a bit of Stewart’s geo-fizz down our necks and as so were a little merry. Somehow we managed to plot the readings upside down, but in the end Phil found the site by falling flat on his face and marking it with his nose. The find is thought to be about 1,000 years old, although we have had other reports it maybe 60. However, the fossilized remains come complete with remnants of a beard, jean shorts, hand knitted socks and a pink jumper, along with an array of stone scraping and digging tools, which we are all excited to see as it proves that archaeology has hardly changed over the years.”

A spokesperson for the Team later denied rumors that someone from the Team was missing presumed buried in a shallow grave.

Strange footstool fossil discovered in Siberia

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Yugo Digiditch and his fossilized footstool

A recent discovery of an unknown fossil in the frozen wastelands of Siberia currently has the scientific world jumping up and down with excitement.

What is believed to be a frozen footstool has been unearthed in the Yakutsk region in Russia’s far east.

“It’s an unbelievable find,” said Russian archeologist Yugo Digaditch. “We think it maybe a prehistoric stool – you know the kind you put your feet on or it could be a giant rabbit. We won’t really know until we thaw it out and get to look at it a bit more closely.”

“We do know that it is quite hairy … and it seems to smell a bit.”

Paleontologists throughout the world are eager to see this amazing discovery for themselves, but Mr Digaditch is keeping its exact location a secret.

“Some people have said that I am not experienced enough to handle this dig. But I say to those people, ‘Go to hell!’I have everything I need here. I am sure that if I use my hairdryer long enough and look hard enough the answers will be staring me in the face.”

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