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Ear-gasm – the orgasm for your ear

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Picking you ear may not be the most romantic of moves, but for many Vietnamese a good bit of probing in the ear department is a popular pastime that can elicit moans of pure pleasure. Why? Because the Vietnamese know an age-old secret – your ear has a G-spot and if it’s poked and tickled in just the right way… well let’s just say ‘hang on to your socks.’

Now, sticking things in your ear is never recommended, one slip and you could end up damaging something important like your ear drum, leaving you moaning in pain rather than ecstasy. However, for the highly trained girls and boys of the Hoc Tocs (the barber-like shops) in Vietnam, ear picking is an art. So much so that a good ear picker will gather quite a following.

Popular ear pickers will have men and women lining up around the block to experience their unorthodox probing. Using delicate metal scoops and tiny tweezers, the ear pickers will carefully clean inside their customer’s ears. As well as removing ear wax, their probing tickles a delicate spot near the ear drum. For some people it feels like a tickle, but for others it is akin to great sex. It is not unknown for people to experience what can only be described as ‘ear-gasms’. That may explain why some Vietnamese men don’t tell their wives when they pop out for some ear picking.

So, the next time you want to playfully lick your finger and stick it in your friend’s ear, just think, you may be giving him more than a wet willy!

Join the ‘Lick a Leper’ campaign

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Join the Lick a Leper camapign

Join the Lick a Leper camapign

The charity organization Lephelp that provides support and funding to sufferers of leprosy and their families has today put out a call for more lepers.

“Lepers in western society are a dying breed,” claims leper lover Tom Flake who runs Lephelp. “It’s great that people are being cured of leprosy, but we are running out of people to support. If the number of people covered with pus filled sores dries up completely, so will our organization. That is why we have launched the ‘Lick a Leper’ campaign.”

Lephelp are calling for volunteers to ‘Lick a Leper’.

“It’s easy, just grab your nearest leper and lick him,” smiled Mr Flake. And if you don’t have a leper handy, Lephelp have provided the easy and convenient mail scheme, ‘Lick a Leper by Post,’ where for as little as $2 per month you will receive your very own infected body part.  All you have to do is wait for your very own bit of leper to be dropped off at your home or office and once received, you need to locate a good juicy lesion and simply lick it.

If you have a conscience, don’t turn your back on this charity. Join the ‘Lick a Leper’ campaign today and help Lephelp to continue to help lepers like you.

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