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Mad Barber of Seville has bad hair days

In Crazy YarpNews, World on April 9, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Two of Mr Badairdos unfortunate victims

Police in Seville, Spain have today arrested a failed barber for breaking into people’s homes and cutting their hair while they slept.

Armando Badairdos (59) was considered such a bad barber that he had previously been banned from every barber shop and hairdressing salon in Seville. So he took to breaking and entering into people’s homes and practicing his hairdressing skills on his innocent victims while they lay asleep in their beds. The result was a tenfold spike in bad hair days.

“We believe that Senor Badairdos has been doing this for some time,” said police spokesman Nicalao Tabaddos. “The trouble is that when his victims woke up in the morning they put their crazy hair-dos down to bad bed hair. “

“Even if they had a clue, who would want to admit that they had hair done by a madman? If he had been better at styling hair he might have got away with it for longer.  He was a bad barber and an even worse hairdresser… but if you are going to cut people’s hair while they are asleep in their beds you have to expect to only have access to one side of their heads. People only really noticed when he started applying hair extensions. Everyone started waking up with a patch of hair that was much longer than when they first went to sleep. “

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