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A fishy shoe tale to soothe your soul

In Animals, Crazy YarpNews on March 30, 2014 at 11:34 am

Fish flops, the stinky shoes that soothe your soul

The very newest in footwear fashion is causing a storm on the cat walk and among cats in general because the latest look uses fish as its inspiration.

“I feel that most shoes have no soul,” simpered self absorbed Fashion Designer Fin Marlin, “it’s not my plaice to dis other designers, but my designs are not only inspired by fish, they are made from them.”

Mr Marlin’s range of shoes includes fish flops, herring bone sandals and red snapper stilettos.  The designer prides himself in using authentic materials and so each pair of shoes is genuinely unique.

“I only use real fish products in my designs. If you own a pair of my shoes you can guarantee that you will know that you are wearing a one-off original. They are so elite that most people can’t afford to wear them – you know you’ve made it when you’ve got your foot in a Marlin.”

Fortunately, for fashionistas Mr Marlins designs look, feel and smell like they have just come straight from the sea. So if you do manage to save up enough money to afford to buy a pair of Marlin shoes you will be able to confirm that they are original by the long line of cats that will suddenly show interest in your feet. The shoes are also bio-degradable and so if you ever get bored of them, you can always bury them in your garden 🙂

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