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Ancient secret to long lasting Happy Meals

In Crazy YarpNews on December 27, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Scientists have recently uncovered the secret to eternal life and it would appear that the ancient Egyptians had it right all along. According to Professor Mike Roscope of McDonald’s University in Chicago, sitting in the centre of a pyramid really does prolong life. Professor Roscope’s research proves that the core of a pyramid acts a bit like a mini time machine, which actually slows down the fabric of time. “Our tests proved that anything sealed in the core of a pyramid did not age. We left a Happy Meal right in the centre for a year and a day and when we went back to it, it was as fresh as they day we bought it 357 days earlier,” beamed Professor Roscope.

The proof indeed is in the pudding and it seems that eccentric millionaire Trouseur Trump, nephew of Donald, is willing to put scientific theory to the test. Mr Trump has recently bought the pyramids at Geezer through a pyramid selling scheme and he intends to have himself sealed inside.

“I am going to outlive everyone,” smiled to the mad millionaire. “You’ll see, I’ll still be in there 100 years from now.” Unfortunately, without a pyramid of our own none of us will be around to witness the event.

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