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The BBC are C-word kings!

In Crazy YarpNews on February 3, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Jeremy Clarkson (R) not to be confused with Jeremy Paxman (L)

This week, Jeremy Paxman became the latest BBC presenter to say the most taboo word in the English language live on air.

Mr Paxman (not to be confused with Top Gear’s main man Jeremy Clarkson) dropped the shocker during his Newsnight programme on  January 31st, when he said: ‘Supposing some of the people who ought to be paying taxes so the c**** … cuts… aren’t so bad aren’t actually doing so?’

This latest blue outburst is the SIXTH time in the last few months that the BBC has broadcast the expletive, adding fuel to the rumour that the corporation is deliberately trying to blue up the airwaves.

“People have started to wonder if the BBC is intentionally using the C-word as often as they can,” said serious TV watcher Ennie Station. “Maybe they keep doing it so that they can keep their name in the papers? Whatever the reason, it’s really odd that they were once renowned for their excellent English and now it seems they are the rudest broadcaster out there. Personally, I think it’s a fucking disgrace!”

Swearing Jeremy Paxman can now join the likes of Nicky Campbell who accused the Countryside Alliance of being ‘pro-c***ing’, James Naughtie and Andrew Marr, who both called the Culture Secretary ‘Jeremy C***’. Government Minister Nick Herbert who stated: “I don’t accept that those are c***s… er… cuts in front-line policing.” And Olly Foster, who slipped the C-word in while introducing the French footballing legend Eric Cantona, adding “Great to see Eric C*** Cantona.”

You can read more about the BBC and their dirty tirade of expletives in Yarpnews’ expose, ‘Are the BBC deliberately trying to blue up the airwaves?’ published earlier this month.

Are the BBC deliberately trying to blue up the airwaves?

In Crazy YarpNews on January 22, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Rumours are running rife throughout the UK that the BBC are trying to see how many times they can get away with saying the C-word  live on air.

Once renowned for their impeccable Queen’s English, the BBC has, over the last few months, ‘accidently’ let slip a total of five C-words . It seems that the rudest word in our fair language is no longer taboo. The BBC is claiming that the use of the C-word by a succession of presenters is just a series of innocent errors but viewers have started to wonder whether these gaffes are somehow linked.

The first ‘slip-up’ coincidently happened on April Fool’s Day, 2010, when BBC Radio 5 presenter Nicky Campbell boldly introduced the Countryside Alliance as an “organisation, which is of course pro-c***ing… er… hunting”.

At first viewers thought Mr Campbell’s gaffe was just a funny mistake, but then came Monday, December 6th 2010 – a day now referred to as ‘Blue Monday’.

Blue Monday started at 8.00am in the morning when the aptly named James Naughtie took up Nicky Campbell’s baton. The BBC Radio 4 presenter audaciously kicked off the day by mispronouncing Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s surname before dissolving into a fit of giggles.

A little over an hour later Radio 4 broadcaster Andrew Marr made things worse when he told his listeners about the Naughtie gaffe, stating: “We’re not going to repeat it in quite the terms it happened, but Jeremy C***”.

Not to be left out of the BBC joke, the government decided to get in on the act and later that day Government Minister Nick Herbert stated in parliament: “I don’t accept that those are c***s… er… cuts in front-line policing.” This of course was broadcast on BBC Parliament.

The first on air outburst of 2011 happened on screen on Thursday, when News 24 Sports Presenter, Olly Foster commented that it was “Great to see Eric C*** Cantona.”

Now saying it once is a mistake, saying it twice is embarrassing, but this is becoming a habit. Many viewers are wondering whether this is an elaborate inside joke, and the fact that all of the unwitting statements appear to be true hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Even if what was said is technically true, it doesn’t mean I want to hear it when I’m innocently eating my toast in the morning,” said TV watcher Ennie Station. “I mean it’s happening so often it can’t be a coincidence can it? Are they running a sweepstake or something? Using swear words to try to look cool and trendy is not big or clever. The Beeb has boobed too often; they should all wash their mouths out with soap, the dirty bastards”.

While many irate viewers are calling for a return of their licence fee, there are a few die-hards who still believe all these foul profanities are just innocent slip-ups.

Gino from Portsmouth told the Daily Mail: “Things like this happen all the time. Like at the dinner table last night I meant to say to my wife, ‘Can you pass the salt please dear?’ when I accidently said, ‘You c***, you’ve ruined my life.’ [It’s just a] slip of the tongue!”



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